Thursday, April 26, 2012

I dislike the technology 77 is very complicate and I am a “zero to the left”

Even though sometimes i would like have so many things uuuf technology … technology!!

I have to say that if I had one thing technology that I like much …
would have that be my …photographic camera!! =) I love!!

I have it since one even of years, when was in the high school, I bought it my money to gather my grant.
I use frequently for take a photograph different important date o special moment and too when I am boring.

I like because is beautiful!!! (jajaja) because is very practice and because I like!! (there are things that have no
answers, the taste for my camera is one) too because i to possible to remember different moment.

I could live without my camera, if no is so deep my love, but I like the idea of have the possibility of take photograph for remember those especial moment when I old woman and not remember as used a camera photograph.

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