Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hi! I am Ruth Ramos Castillo, I was born on august 27 (in Santiago) and I am 20 years. I live with my parents and my sister Maria; she is younger than me (she is 18 years). The names of my parents are Oscar and Ruth they are very old (falsehood) they are young parents and generally are very sympathetic, funny and loving but when get angry uf uf uf scared!! xD

When I was little girl lived 4 years in Rancagua beyond made my early school years, then I went back to Santiago where completed my study elementary and then enter to high school. I like study and practice sport, I participated in athletics (I liked running :B) was a good student … until that it get to university xD

Now study psychology (I am third) in the university of Chile. I am seeking work but I find nothing u.u although in my free time I like to make handicrafts for to sell.

I have boyfriend ago 6 months (=B) I am very happy!!! =) he study kinesiology… only bad thing is that he lives far… far…far away, the other end of the city (Puente Alto)

I have a quiet life too much … quiet xD though I have a cold =( … I would like return to sports!! For to be more healthier.

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  1. Hi curlers... when did you do sports?? I've never see you... I guess that's just coincidence