Thursday, May 3, 2012

Series =) 

Long time that i not see series that like to much, the last was "Glee" but later of time i am to get bored.


I talk about a TV show of caricature that looks in my infancy. this series is "Hey, Arnold!"

to be about of a boy of 9 years old... dreamy and idealistic that always try see the best of the people and make the correct. Is very intelligent with a strange head of ball (American), live in a neighborhood of vary ethnics group.

He likes play beisbol and live with his grandparents Phill and "Pookie", go to school anda have very much friend but one in special is Gerald he is hs best friend with he anda other fried live much adventures. Too between his school firends to be Helga that is a girl that is completely in love of Arnold.

Is different of other series because show to boy that have my age, that have question similar to me anda because to be nice the history of his life.

I like to much even some sunday in the morning watxh together my sister =)