Sunday, April 22, 2012

I like the topic

The last year, i think it was in may, I went to an exhibition in the mall of  “La Florida”, I went to “Our Body”  in this exhibition  showed the human body parts, the most incredible is that  were real bodies, were real people … of course!  Were dead (jajajjaaja)

I like to go because I could see to the body of a person and how it functions, as harder was to see the bodies of babies or fetuses :O  that was awesome.

Were as 40 bodies which could see, of course some were divided in many parts but 7 that was had complete.

Sounds a bit macabre, I know many people who did not understand that wanted to see “Our Body” but is nice to know as we are inside and outside … and of course this is the scientific part of my personality (jajajaj)

Was a good experience and I would like to repeat again.

I have many photos 1313



  1. I feel nervous for these bodies, but is an interesting experience! :)