Saturday, June 30, 2012


Hello Goodbye

This i remember one song of The Beatles… you say goodbye and I say hello, helloooooo, helloo (8) jajaaj good theme =)

But the topic of today is other ajajaj
Yeeees, Misss! I accept… I am guilty! =( I use one translator u.u and not any translator! Jajaa I use the google translator (ooooooouch) poor! ( very pooooooor jaja)
But this was the beginning after I use the dictionary =) jejeje

I think that I enjoy one little the blog jaaja because is one different way for learn English and is more dynamic and funny… because the student are completely involve with the activity =)
But I have say that dislike the English and I put all my effort =B

I think that my English improve to level of the writing because my speak ufufuf fear!! Jajaja but I hope go improve!! Some day speak good English and the word I will understand ajajaj for the moment I follow speak English-Chinese aajaja … how? Writing thing interesting and that I like and too that dislike…my opinion =B

I believe that the blog is one good tool for learn English and for practice with topic that like to the student … is very interesting and creative… is one different form for teach English =)

Ok! This is the end! Ajajaja

HelloGoodbye! =)

Thursday, June 21, 2012


For my today the year is in winter or in summer hardly ever have different … global increase in temperature (muajaja) I believe that every season have thing 
good and thing bad =O 

For example, in winter is very lovely walk for the street
in the night with a enjoyable (and hot) wind  =B buy have much hot hot hot!

In autumn in one begin is good because not it cool and hot for later uy! uy! cold, cold and more cool.

And the spring I like for the colors… later of season opaque, a little of color is nice… the tree with green leaf :B or the flower of multiple colors uuy to make  that everything it see beautiful but still have one little of cold.

but I believe that prefer the winter…I am in house with stove , watch tv or movie in the armchair or in the bed of my parent =B  is one  wonder!! 

I like the rain  :B the hot wind before of the rain uuy I love!! Too I like walk for the rain later arrive to my house and put me pyjamas  =) and eat cookie and milk … I love, love! jjaja

But the bad is much rain not is good for everything u.u much person not have house =( and rain more cool uf uff bad, bad … 


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Place,place, place...

My favorite place mmm I don’t have a place that I like much u.u 

But if I have one …my house jajaja

The main reason why I like this place is because is my house, my place where can with pyjamas, eat, sleep, sing, run, shout … I can do nearly… nearly all jajaja =B
I can just be me!! … in nowhere other place I feel as in my house =B

My house is very small but very very small jajaaja I believe that for this I like so much … I can share with my parent and my sister and not live in world separate … we or form one HOME =)
Buy too I have problem for blame of my house ajjaja for is very small… sometimes I cannot invite to much person because my house is fills jaajja

When I am more old and I can … I have a house very big jajaja no! I believe that I like one house very artistic… make for meeee! =) now I am collecting different photograph for I inspiration and I have very much interesting ideas.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Abraham Maslow

An expert on your field that you admire.

Well there is no psychologist that me mad crazy and i have no heroes in psychology... u.u

but once a friend approached me very happy =B because he had heard of a theory of psychology that looked very good ... and the author of that theory was Abraham Maslow !

Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist who was born in New York in 1908 and died in California in 1970 ... his parents were Jewish immigrants coming from Russia, studied at the University of Wisconsin ... was known as one of the founders of humanistic psychology ...

 He postulate that people had basic tendencies toward mental health ... which would be reflected in the search for self-realization =)

Their main job is the that explained me my friend, the pyramid of needs and self- realization ... which mainly states that human beings have needs at different levels.

Maslow's Pyramid It contains human needs, psychological and physical ... climbing the steps of this pyramid will reach the self-realization ... the first step are based on basic needs or physiological needs (eating, drinking, breathing, sleeping, resting, sweat, urinate, etc. .)The next step is that of security and safety needs (security, order and stability). The third level is the need for love and belonging (psychological and emotional needs). The fourth level is the need for esteem (success, status) and the top of the pyramid is the need for self-realization and  when it  reaches this... is obtained a state of harmony and understanding.

 I think mainly for this theory is that I like this psychologist but could not say who is my hero. =(!!


Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hi! =)

I'd like to meet everyone and go through each country and hidden place in the world = B

And i want begin for Chileee! All Chile =D

but since I was little I always wanted to visit Italy, it must be because I have some Italian blood  jajajajaja  eeh!! good ...  when went girl I knew that my great-grandfather lived in Italy so I wanted to know of Italy ...

independendiente of that...   I would like to go because it's a beautiful place... its architecture, monuments, museums, water sources (Fontana di trevi), food! Mmm FOOD!

Of Italy I know that... this in europe jaajaja or far far away!, which is shaped like a boot and there is a... Italian Mafia as the "Godfather" (mujajjamuajja) =B jaajajaja many tourist attractions, there is an island (oooh! For disappear over there somewhere 1313) and  I would like to know before  of  die of old age jaajaja

when you get to Italy …I would like to eat a giant pizza ... after walking through the city night and day :B then would go to visit the places known as the Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum in Rome, walking around Rome, visiting churches and cathedrals, keep eating, going to make a wish to the source Fountain: B go to parks, less known, know everything of the country <3

I would like to study there ...but I think that i prefer to live in those parts and have much time for  know how people live =)  and get a quiet job, a job that allows me to go out much and know ... could also wash dishes in order to know Italy ... there are other alternatives as a waitress or sell of thing.

Hope go later ( before that to finish the world)


Thursday, May 17, 2012

"The girl of the eyes green"

Sharbat Gula 

This photos the see in the tv ... in the new program years ago.

First i like because she have eyes very very beautiful ... but after read a little and the history is very sad.

This photo was taken for Steve McCurry in the year 1985 in the time of war, 
the history is the a girl that lost their parents in the one battle a little after of the photo, she had that go with her brother and his grandmother.

She is Sharbat Gula 

This photo was taken in refugee camp in Nsir Bagh, in Pakistán... Steven McCurry years before was in seeking the girl and with help of the FBI ... the found, almost 17 years before :O in the years 2002 =) ... and she was equal =O


                                                                                                                                     I like because is nice but too
                                                                                                                                           is surprising the history ... 

also i like the idea of the can see the     same girl years after...

is the beautiful example of as time goes 

and life too.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Series =) 

Long time that i not see series that like to much, the last was "Glee" but later of time i am to get bored.


I talk about a TV show of caricature that looks in my infancy. this series is "Hey, Arnold!"

to be about of a boy of 9 years old... dreamy and idealistic that always try see the best of the people and make the correct. Is very intelligent with a strange head of ball (American), live in a neighborhood of vary ethnics group.

He likes play beisbol and live with his grandparents Phill and "Pookie", go to school anda have very much friend but one in special is Gerald he is hs best friend with he anda other fried live much adventures. Too between his school firends to be Helga that is a girl that is completely in love of Arnold.

Is different of other series because show to boy that have my age, that have question similar to me anda because to be nice the history of his life.

I like to much even some sunday in the morning watxh together my sister =)