Thursday, June 14, 2012

Place,place, place...

My favorite place mmm I don’t have a place that I like much u.u 

But if I have one …my house jajaja

The main reason why I like this place is because is my house, my place where can with pyjamas, eat, sleep, sing, run, shout … I can do nearly… nearly all jajaja =B
I can just be me!! … in nowhere other place I feel as in my house =B

My house is very small but very very small jajaaja I believe that for this I like so much … I can share with my parent and my sister and not live in world separate … we or form one HOME =)
Buy too I have problem for blame of my house ajjaja for is very small… sometimes I cannot invite to much person because my house is fills jaajja

When I am more old and I can … I have a house very big jajaja no! I believe that I like one house very artistic… make for meeee! =) now I am collecting different photograph for I inspiration and I have very much interesting ideas.


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  1. good for you curlers... go for that dreaming house