Saturday, June 30, 2012


Hello Goodbye

This i remember one song of The Beatles… you say goodbye and I say hello, helloooooo, helloo (8) jajaaj good theme =)

But the topic of today is other ajajaj
Yeeees, Misss! I accept… I am guilty! =( I use one translator u.u and not any translator! Jajaa I use the google translator (ooooooouch) poor! ( very pooooooor jaja)
But this was the beginning after I use the dictionary =) jejeje

I think that I enjoy one little the blog jaaja because is one different way for learn English and is more dynamic and funny… because the student are completely involve with the activity =)
But I have say that dislike the English and I put all my effort =B

I think that my English improve to level of the writing because my speak ufufuf fear!! Jajaja but I hope go improve!! Some day speak good English and the word I will understand ajajaj for the moment I follow speak English-Chinese aajaja … how? Writing thing interesting and that I like and too that dislike…my opinion =B

I believe that the blog is one good tool for learn English and for practice with topic that like to the student … is very interesting and creative… is one different form for teach English =)

Ok! This is the end! Ajajaja

HelloGoodbye! =)


  1. A funny different way of learn c:

  2. i laughed a lot with your confession about the translator hahaha