Thursday, June 21, 2012


For my today the year is in winter or in summer hardly ever have different … global increase in temperature (muajaja) I believe that every season have thing 
good and thing bad =O 

For example, in winter is very lovely walk for the street
in the night with a enjoyable (and hot) wind  =B buy have much hot hot hot!

In autumn in one begin is good because not it cool and hot for later uy! uy! cold, cold and more cool.

And the spring I like for the colors… later of season opaque, a little of color is nice… the tree with green leaf :B or the flower of multiple colors uuy to make  that everything it see beautiful but still have one little of cold.

but I believe that prefer the winter…I am in house with stove , watch tv or movie in the armchair or in the bed of my parent =B  is one  wonder!! 

I like the rain  :B the hot wind before of the rain uuy I love!! Too I like walk for the rain later arrive to my house and put me pyjamas  =) and eat cookie and milk … I love, love! jjaja

But the bad is much rain not is good for everything u.u much person not have house =( and rain more cool uf uff bad, bad … 


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