Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hi! =)

I'd like to meet everyone and go through each country and hidden place in the world = B

And i want begin for Chileee! All Chile =D

but since I was little I always wanted to visit Italy, it must be because I have some Italian blood  jajajajaja  eeh!! good ...  when went girl I knew that my great-grandfather lived in Italy so I wanted to know of Italy ...

independendiente of that...   I would like to go because it's a beautiful place... its architecture, monuments, museums, water sources (Fontana di trevi), food! Mmm FOOD!

Of Italy I know that... this in europe jaajaja or far far away!, which is shaped like a boot and there is a... Italian Mafia as the "Godfather" (mujajjamuajja) =B jaajajaja many tourist attractions, there is an island (oooh! For disappear over there somewhere 1313) and  I would like to know before  of  die of old age jaajaja

when you get to Italy …I would like to eat a giant pizza ... after walking through the city night and day :B then would go to visit the places known as the Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum in Rome, walking around Rome, visiting churches and cathedrals, keep eating, going to make a wish to the source Fountain: B go to parks, less known, know everything of the country <3

I would like to study there ...but I think that i prefer to live in those parts and have much time for  know how people live =)  and get a quiet job, a job that allows me to go out much and know ... could also wash dishes in order to know Italy ... there are other alternatives as a waitress or sell of thing.

Hope go later ( before that to finish the world)



  1. oh italy, so nice. I would like go there and eat so much "pasta" jajaja.

  2. Fontana di trevi , is wonderful <3

  3. Curlers... we could go together!!! (copycat)